Interactive virtual reality memorial honors Winner of 2017 Nobel Peace Prize, ICAN-International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS' award-winning filmmakers Gabo Arora and Saschka Unseld premierE The Day the World Changed, using photogrammetry, data visualization and survivor testimony to honor the world’s victims of atomic bombs and nuclear arms


“This experience uses virtual reality’s strengths in a way that makes viewers have a more visceral relationship with what is usually just a rational engagement with numbers, this time focusing on one of the most urgent issues of today,” - Gabo Arora

“VR experiences are intimate worlds that we can visit in a way that makes them, by definition, a modern kind of memorial. The Day the World Changed is an intimate history and commemoration of the victims of nuclear weapons and a cry for change of the world we now find ourselves in.” - Saschka Unseld



Project Creators: Gabo Arora, Saschka Unseld

Produced by: Jennifer Tiexiera

Producers: Tom Lofthouse, Fifer Garbesi

Executive Producers: Beatrice Fhin ICAN, Nathan Brown, Karen Lorenzo & Annette Porter

Production by: Tomorrow Never Knows

In partnership with: Ntropic and Sisu Films